Fashion Scandinavia

London Fashion Week, Somerset House

Exhibition design and production

London Fashion Week at Somerset House, February 2013. Under the international Fashion Showcase umbrella this show saw the best of young emerging talent from Denmark, Norway and Sweden come together. We wanted to create a setting that was far from the typical plinth based setup and instead create individual pieces to exist within their own right. Pieces that would play off and highlight the beauty and natural light of the space along with the garments themselves. We wanted the material choices to reflect the Scandinavian nature of the show but trying to avoid stereotypes. The choices fell on Granite, steel and copper. The outcome were a series of  large Copper Mirror discs that could rotate around their axis and reflect both light and the work on show. Instead of merely facilitating the mannequins the objects added another layer to the exhibition tying it all together.


Supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy, The Danish Embassy and The Swedish Embassy in London.