Arco/OKAY workshop

'It’s a bit like lego. People could use prepared parts to make all kinds of things.

He observed that Arco has to cut of pieces of planks, for instance used for table feet, which consequently no longer serve any purpose. They are undersized, but unlike fsh they will never grow. He decided to put them to work in a building kit.

What else is a hat rack but something that stands up high and has bits sticking out to hang coats from? All Narud had to do was to upgrade the off cuts to a system for making hat racks, or other things yet to be defined for that matter. He developed three sizes of screwing knobs that could hold the coat stand together alongside three variations of planks. Playfulness is demonstrated in three versions: one with plain wood, one with a combination of stains and natural oak and one stained in uniform colour. All three versions are constructed using the various parts in a random order.'

Text from Ed Van Hinte, from the book ‘Arco Okay’.

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